Terms & Conditions

Benefits of a T&C
There are several benefits to having a T&C on your app or website. Some of these benefits include limiting your liability, protecting your intellectual property, reserving the right to terminate accounts and restricting abusive behavior.

These benefits give you more control over the way that users interact with your website or app. Furthermore, having the ability to protect your intellectual property and limit your liability is important for your business from several angles ranging from legal concerns to branding and copyright concerns.

How to Create Your T&C
There are several things that should be included in a T&C. Depending on the nature of your business, a T&C may not be needed, but it is still important to consider whether or not one would be useful to you.

Some important questions to ask when deciding whether or not you need or want a T&C are as follows:

  • Are users able to create an account?
  • Are users able to publish or create content on your website or app?
  • Are users able to purchase products through your website or app?
  • Are users able to sell products through your website or app?
  • Will your website or app contain sensitive information?
  • Do you want to limit your liability for the use of your website or app?
  • Are you using your website or app to do business with customers or other businesses?

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